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Important Things To Look Out For When Buying Meat

Updated: Feb 19

Meat is a very rich source of protein and many people are meat-eaters. Some people love meat so much that they buy it regularly almost every day. People buy poultry, or red meat, or both according to their taste and choice but do they choose the meat in the right manner? There are various things that people need to consider before buying meat so that they can be sure that what they are consuming is healthy.

So much so that even meat packaging plays a vital role and a person's choice must depend on that too. So here is a list of things that people need to look out for when they go to buy meat and this is solely for the benefit of their own and their loved ones’ health.

Things to look out for:

  • The colour of the meat

If a person wants to know the freshness of the meat, they can easily do it by their colour as colour plays an important role. The colour depends on the type of meat a person is buying. No meat should have a greenish tinge or look grey. That would mean that it is not fit for consumption any longer and must not be bought.

Poultry meat should have a light pink or white colour. It can also be yellowish at times but that doesn’t mean harm in any way. Red meat should have a bright red colour or it can vary between being purplish or brownish. Even then, it is safe for consumption as it would just mean that they had been exposed to oxygen. Anything, but grey-looking meat is safe.

  • The packaging

Meat packaging plays a vital role when it comes to buying meat. If the packaging is dirty or damaged, it is better to let that meat be. The packaging tells the consumer about how the meat was handled. It does not directly indicate that the meat was handled badly with dirty hands but it is just better if a person avoids buying it to consume it.

  • The smell

The smell of the meat tells a person if the meat is fresh or rotten. A fresh piece of meat will have a smell of well, fresh meat obviously and rotten meat will have a pungent smell which would be horrible to smell. When a person goes to buy meat, they should first try to smell the meat if they are not buying the packaged one. For the packaged one, one should check the date of expiry.


So, these are a few important things that one should look out for when they go to buy meat. If the meat packaging, smell, and colour pass the quality test that one the buyer can perform, know that it is safe to be brought home and cooked into a delicious dish that one and one’s family will enjoy.

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